MPS Testing Information

Last Updated: 8/5/2021 2:12 PM

Our curriculum office has collected information about the tests our students take throughout the year. This content includes test information and dates.

Please note that due to the governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe order this past spring, all 2020 state testing was canceled.

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is requiring that high school students take the College Board’s PSAT and SAT tests in the fall of 2020 i(n lieu of the canceled tests) as well as in the spring of 2021.

8th graders will not be testing in the fall, though they are required to take the PSAT 8/9 in the spring of 2021.

State Required SAT Suite of Assessments for 2020-2021

PSAT 8/9
SAT w/Essay
Gr 8
Apr 13
Gr 9
Sept 23 and
April 13, 14 or 15
Gr 10
Oct 14
Apr 13, 14 or 15
Gr 11
Oct 14
Apr 13
Gr 12
Sept 23 and
Apr 13

Fall 2020 State Testing

Spring 2021 Assessments


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Dual Enrollment Eligibility

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